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Czech Contemporary Art and Mime Production, Haifa, Israel 2007

Display and Matrix

An Exhibition from 3/6 to 30/6/2007

Lucie Svobodová, Jan Vičar
Curator Radek Wohlmuth


The Man Who Returned

A Pantomime Recital on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of June, 2007

Martin Sochor
Music by Sylva Smejkalová

The Havelka Gallery is presenting “Czech Contemporary Art and Mime Production, Haifa, Israel 2007“ in the prestigious international Beit Hagefen, Arab Jewish Cultural Centre. Our curator, Radel Wohlmuth, named the exhibit, Display and Matrix according to two outstanding Czech grafic artists, Lucie Sovobodová and Jan Vičar. An integral part of the exhibition is a pantomime recital by Martin Sochor, “The Man Who Returned“ with music composed by Sylva Smejkalová.

The art and mime are being presented for the Arab Culture Month Festival 2007, where artists will appear from Ramallah, Gaza, and guests from Belgium, France, Morocco, and Qatar.

Beit Hagefen is very unusual in that it concerns itself with inter-religious dialogue between Jews and Arabs in Israel. It organizes year-round interesting exhibitions and cultural events that brings in many people from various denominations and religions.

The opening celebration will include people from Israel’s and Haifa’s cultural and political spheres as Mrs. Edith Daoud and Dr. Khaled; as well as Robert Řehák, Czech Cultural Attache, Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv; Rachel Metuki, Head of Culture & Education in Haifa; Dr. Mordechaj Peri and Kasem Shaaban, Directors of the Centre.

The Havelka Gallery received support during the preparation and realization of this event from the Czech Ministry of Culture in Prague; the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv; the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague; and the Metrostav and Pramacom companies.

To everyone is owed a debt of gratitude. Thank you very much.

Display a MatrixDisplay a Matrix
Information about the exhibition Display a Matrix by curator Radek Wohlmuth.

The man who returnedThe man who returned
A critique of a theatre performance “The Man Who Returned” by PhDr. Ladislava Pětišková.

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