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Czech Contemporary Art and Mime Production

The 9th European Cultural Festival in Algiers 2008

Algiers, May 11 – June 10, 2008

The project is made possible by the kind support of the Czech Ambassador to Algiers, His Excellency Milan Šarapatka

  • A presentation of contemporary graphics and glass
    The National des Beaux-Arts Museum, Algiers

    Dalibor Smutný, Jan Vičar, Lucie Svobodová, Petr Vlček, Anna Matoušková, Eva Vlčková, Filip Nízký, Anna Polanská, Lada Semecká and Zdeněk Trs

  • Graphic art of Jan Vičar

  • Performance and workshop of pantomime theatre by Martin Sochor
    Music by Sylva Smejkalová
    La Salle El-Mouggar, Algiers

The project’s rendition: Jitka Grigerová

The project’s goal is to introduce specific forms of Czech art and mime as performed by a young generation of artists.

Contemporary Czech Graphic Art & Glass

Curator: Terezie Zemánková

The Czech School of Graphics is renowned throughout the world. Dalibor Smutný, Lucie Svobodová and Jan Vičar embody it through their unique styles. Although these artists use different methods, they are all connected by a universal theme of nature, from microcosm to macrocosm; from the tiniest details to enormous shapes. Dalibor uses a microscopic mezzotint technique in the style of the Old Masters that he shapes into plant motifs woven through dark mysterious nights. Lucie transfers her organic structures into digital forms, which are then mimeographed and combined with shapes to reflect the morphology of organisms. Jan’s domain consists of large linocuts that offer subtle illusions and evoke a sense of dreamy reality.

The inspiration of nature is reflected in the work of the seven artists who will present their glass sculptures at the Festival in Algiers. Nature is presented on abstract surfaces, stylized into different forms. Traditional Czech glass art is marveled at worldwide and the new generation of artists enriches it not only with their creations, but with their techniques. Among the representatives of “New Czech Glass”, belong Matoušková, Vlček, Vlčková, Nízký, Polanská, Semecká and also Zdeněk Trs, who is the only student in this exhibition.

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