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„Phenomenon Colour“ Pavel Trnka

May 28 – June 30, 2009

Pavel Trnka is a painter, sculptor and glass artist. In all of those fields his style is economical and free of all superfluous details. His work has been influenced not only by the European tradition, but also by the Eastern way of thinking associated with mediation. Here he is chiefly presenting the cycles of paintings he produced during several years which he spent in Japan. In these paintings he works with the simplest forms and a variety of colours, whose combinations are governed by exact laws. Linked to his paintings are glass objects in which he works sensitively with the relations between geometry, colour and light.

Exhibition curator: Jiøí Machalický

Pavel Trnka: The Heart Chakra

Pavel Trnka: From the Chakras cycle

Pavel Trnka: From the Chakras cycle

Photos from openingPhotos from opening
The exibit of Pavel Trnka „Phenomenon Colour“ was opened on May 27th, 2009.

Exhibition CatalogueExhibition Catalogue
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View of the expositionView of the exposition

by Jiøí Machalický