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„Uruguay, Uruguay…“ Nikola Nováková

January 19 – February 23, 2010

The worlds' fate lays heavily on the painters' shoulders, with all its' constructions, games, fights, ruins, negations, arguments and denials. But a woman painters' bosom is a runway for the senses, like an airport in Amazonia… Vladimír Novák

At the time when the painting is often a superficially applied instrument in visualising personal concepts, Nikola Novákovás’ work is valuable proof that even today a painted picture can come into being as a complex and profoundly felt expression… Richard Drury

At first I wondered if these images spoke of deep seas or infinite skies; Afterwards, noticing upside-down clouds on some of them, I envisioned nebulous reflections on the surface of a lake… Peter Sarge Butko

„Uruguay, Uruguay…“ Nikola Nováková