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“Glass” Eva Vlčková

May 28 — June 26, 2010

The common feature of the glass sculptures of Eva Vlčková is a formal austerity, reduced to the edge of minimalistic rendering in many works from the past few years. This is connected with an inhibition of the glass’ lustrous surface effects through the use of a matte finish. The artist thus achieves a very intimate expression, colours assert themselves in a soft light, seemingly emanating from the interior of the form. Her works contain the perceptible feeling of balanced calm and palliation of dramas. Often they have the loose form of closed fortress structures, others by contrast are like gates penetrating into space. It is as if yearnings for a place of personal safety, where it is possible to take shelter from feelings of doubt, chaos and disillusionment, have been materialized in the form of sculpture.

Ivo Křen
curator of the collection of glass at the East Bohemian Museum in Pardubice
(May 2010)