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Exhibition of All Sculpture

October 4 — October 29, 2011

The Exhibition of All Sculpture is a project-tribute to the seventieth of the original sculptor and university educator Kurt Gebauer (1941) and also a reminder of his twenty years at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. In addition to his work, one work from a number of his students and graduates will be selected and presented in the Prague's Havelka Gallery. Many of them are now respected and award-winning authors of the domestic art scene (David Černý, Ivana Junková, Martin Kocourek, Lenka Klodová, Kolouchův sen /Hana Poislová a Michaela Huffsteter/, Stanislava Konvalinková, Matouš Lipus, Aleš Novák, Jan Novotný, Marek Rejent, Jan Slovenčík, Helena Sequens, Adam Stanko, Štěpán Soukup, Diana Winklerová). A bit absurd exhibition's title refers to the name Gebauer’s School at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design — Studio of All Aculpture, as well as to the distinctly intimate gallery space, which would be programmed to exhibit as many artists at once, responding to the otherness and distinctive playful creativity of the famous Czech author. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog.

Curator of the exhibition: Radek Wohlmuth

Matouš Lipus, Adoring Genius (Kurt Gebauer)
Matouš Lipus, Adoring Genius (Kurt Gebauer)