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Legends of GR2 — Spring 2016

March 5 — April 28, 2016

Over the course of eight weeks, the gallery successively presented eight different artists who had become legends within the context of Vladimír Kokolia’s Graphics 2 Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Some of them had become well established on the art scene, while others had created intensively in their own private studios for years, and thus their work was a special surprise for the public.

The artists were creating their works in situ in the gallery, under the direct gaze of the public.

The exhibition project was conceived by Vladimír Kokolia and is dedicated to Šárka Trčková.

The project is supported by

  • City of Prague
  • Pražská strojírna
  • Jan Havelka

The Legend Karel PivoňkaThe Legend Karel Pivoňka
April 23 — April 28, 2016

The Legend Jan TurnerThe Legend Jan Turner
April 16 — April 21, 2016

The Legend Markéta BaňkováThe Legend Markéta Baňková
April 9 — April 14, 2016

The Legend Jana ŠárováThe Legend Jana Šárová
April 2 — April 7, 2016

The Legend Jesper AlvaerThe Legend Jesper Alvaer
March 26 — March 31, 2016

The Legend Eva ČervenáThe Legend Eva Červená
March 19 — March 24, 2016

The Legend František NovákThe Legend František Novák
March 12 — March 17, 2016

The Legend Tomáš PrchalThe Legend Tomáš Prchal
March 5 — March 10, 2016