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Vladimír Kopecký / On EX!

April 24. — May 24, 2018

The installation focusing On EX!/pression in the work of Vladimír Kopecký (born 1931) is a concise tribute to the 20th anniversary of his first presentation of this ecstatic and intensely colorful form of expression as an integral part of his visual identity. Even though this multi-disciplinary artist is best known as a legend of Czech glassmaking with international significance, this exhibition, in concurrence with the views of the renowned Czech art historian Jindřich Chalupecký, presents Kopecký primarily as a painter. It subtly highlights the natural links between his glassmaking and painted works and showcases the fundamental features of his artistic expression – layering, color and light.

Curator: Radek Wohlmuth

We are grateful for the cooperation and support:

Jan Havelka

Pavel Válka

  • Městská část Praha 1
  • Art + Antiques
  • ArtMap
  • Blue Owl Bohemia
  • Variel


Vladimír Kopecký: Dream of a Turtle

Photos from openingPhotos from opening
Photo: Radek Dětinský

Photos from exhibitionPhotos from exhibition
Photo: Radek Dětinský