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Roman Franta: RAT ART, Romanesquer R

May 29 — June 27, 2019

For almost 20 years, the painter Roman Franta has been keeping journals. They encompass collages and drawings, brief observations about exhibitions, films and plays, and notes from books and magazines. Together, they create a snapshot of what has caught his attention and influenced or shaped his view of life and art. He decided to no longer keep these collected insights and citations only for himself. During 2018 he supplemented the journals with some new drawings to create his first book, RAT ART, which he divided into the chapters Life, Relationships, New York, Art and Artists. At the Havelka Gallery, where he will launch his book, he is presenting the drawings together with a large-format painting and an installation of stones.

Curator: Otto M. Urban

Roman Franta: RAT ART

Roman Franta: RAT ART