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Klára Stodolová: Sightings

October 1 — October 31, 2019

Klára Stodolová effectively uses the media of woodcut and watercolor to create a group of lyrical and dreamlike impressions that reflect her feeling of harmony with nature. She is further developing her expression by experimenting with slumped glass. Her compositions spark viewers’ imaginations and invite them to share in her joy of painting en plein air.

Curator: Markéta Kroupová

We are grateful for the cooperation and support

Jan Havelka

  • Městská část Praha 1
  • Hlavní město Praha
  • Místní kultura
  • ArtMap
  • Blue Owl Bohemia

Klára Stodolová: Evening I.

Photos from openingPhotos from opening
Photo: Jan Rasch

Photos from openingPhotos from opening
Photo: Jiří Primas

Photos from exhibitionPhotos from exhibition
Photo: Jan Rasch